Sustainable Building

Material Selection
  • Use recycled materials where possible
  • Use pre-fabricated frame work
  • Where possible use pre-coated materials (prevent painting)
  • Use high quality metals where possible to extend life span
Waste Management
  • Separate materials that can be re-cycled
  • Do not over order materials
  • Re-use excavated soil where possible
  • Dispose of hazardous materials in an approved manner
  • Provide a site specific Waste Minimization Plan
  • Comply with all local council regulations
Litter Control
  • Use bins & recycle bins provided
  • Erect temporary fencing on site
  • Cutting and clean up area on site
  • Clean equipment before washing
  • Sediment filters down slope
  • Contain all washings on site
Energy Ratings
  • Where possible comply with Victorian 6 Star Energy Rating